Red Diesel / Gas Oil

Red Diesel commonly known as Gas Oil, 35 second oil or tractor diesel is a low duty form of White Diesel. It is taxed at a rebated rate and can only be used in off road machinery such as Tractors and agricultural equipment. Red Diesel cannot be use as road fuel in public vehicles.

The difference between Red Diesel and White Diesel is that HMRC require Red Diesel to contain a red dye to allow inspectors to identify that it is used in the correct manner.

Available to purchase from 20 litre containers up to 18,000 litres bulk deliveries.


Fuel Storage Problems

Due to the increase of Biodiesel in Gas oil, some users who store fuel for longer periods of time have experienced fuel filter blockages and bacterial growth in their tanks. To avoid such things happening it is recommended to use fuel additives such as Anti Bug or Gas Oil Conditioner. Red Diesel additives including Gas Oil Supreme for modern vehicles calibrated on EN590 DERV are available on request.

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